WQ 000.fvc

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To incorporate a water quality simulation of dissolved oxygen to the HYD_002 model, please see the fvc updates below.

! TUFLOW FV TUTORIAL The first lines are a description of the model simulation.
! Dam model with dissolved oxygen simulation
GIS Format == SHP No syntax changes.
SHP Projection == ..\model\gis\projection.prj
Tutorial Model == ON
! GENERAL PARAMETERS No syntax changes
Bottom Drag Model == ks
Include Salinity == 1,1
Include Temperature == 1,1
Include Sediment == 1,0 Added to allow for sediment light absorption and phosphorus adsorption in later water quality simulations
Spatial Order == 1,2 No syntax changes
Include Heat == 1
! MODULES Start modules
! Water Quality
Water Quality Model == tuflow Set the water quality model to be the TUFLOW FV WQ Module
Water Quality Control File == .\WQ_000.fvwq Point to the WQ Module control file
Water Quality Model Directory == ..\wqm\ Point to the WQ Module directory where control and log files reside
! Sediment Transport
Sediment Control File == ..\stm\WQ_000.fvsed Point to the ST Module control file
Shortwave Radiation Sediment Extinction Coefficients == 1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 1.0 Set sediment extinction coefficients for the four bands of light simulated
! MATERIAL PROPERTIES No syntax changes
Set Mat == 1
Read GIS Mat == ..\model\gis\2d_mat_WQMaterials_000_R.shp Read more detailed WQ materials gis file
Material == 1 No syntax changes
    Bottom Roughness == 0.02
End Material
Material == 2 No syntax changes
    Bottom Roughness == 0.75
End Material
Material == 3,4 Add a fourth material for water quality simulation purposes
    Bottom Roughness == 1.3
End Material
! INITIAL CONDITIONS Updated initial conditions
Initial Temperature == 25.
Initial Water Level == 4.0
Initial Salinity == 0.05
Initial Sediment Concentration == 100.0 Set global initial condition for sediment
Initial WQ Concentration == 8.0 Set global initial condition for dissolved oxygen
! BOUNDARY CONDITIONS Modified boundary condition block
Read GIS Nodestring == ..\model\gis\2d_ns_WQBoundaries_000_L.shp Add a nodestring GIS file for upstream nodestring inflow
BC == Q, UpstreamInflow, ..\bc_dbase\Upstream_Q_WQ_000.csv Add sediment (“FineSed_mgL-1”) and dissolved oxygen (“DO”) headers to the boundary condition file headers list
    BC Header == time_hr, flow_m3s-1, sal_ppt, temp_degC, FineSed_mgL-1, DO
    BC Scale == 1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 4.0, 1.0
End BC
Read GIS SA == ..\model\gis\2d_sa_Outflow_000_R.shp Add an SA polygon GIS file to capture the dam extraction
BC == QC_POLY, Outflow_000, ..\bc_dbase\Downstream_Q_000.csv Specify the dam extraction
    BC Header == time_hr,outflows
    BC Scale == 1.0
End BC
! Meteorological No syntax changes
Include == ..\bc_dbase\met\MET_2011.fvc
! OUTPUT COMMANDS Modified output commands block
Logdir == log No syntax changes
Output Dir == ..\results\
Output == netcdf Specify netcdf output for hydrodynamic variables
    Output Parameters == h, v, d, temp, sed_1
    Output Interval == 3600.
    Suffix == HD
End Output
Output == netcdf Specify netcdf output for water quality variables
    Output Parameters == wq_all
    Output Interval == 3600.
    Suffix == WQ
End Output
Output == netcdf Specify netcdf output for water quality diagnostic variables
    Output Parameters == wq_diag_all
    Output Interval == 3600.
    Suffix == WQ_diag
End Output

To return to Tutorial Module 9 please refer to Tutorial Module 9.