HYD 002

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To add baroclinicity to the HYD_001 model, please see the fvc updates below.

! TUFLOW FV TUTORIAL The first lines are a description of the model simulation.
!Estuary Model – 3D Model (with baroclinicity)
GIS FORMAT == SHP No syntax changes.
SHP Projection == ..\model\gis\projection.prj
Tutorial Model == ON
! GENERAL PARAMETERS Baroclinicity (density coupling) is enabled by changing the second value to 1 for both Include Salinity and Include Temperature commands.
Bottom Drag Model == ks
Include Salinity == 1,1
Include Temperature == 1,1
Spatial Order == 1,2
Include Heat == 1

No further syntax changes.

To return to Tutorial Module 5 please refer to Tutorial Module 5.