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By default Codemeter will log events, such as when TUFLOW licenses are being used and when they are returned to the dongle. This information can be viewed both via the Codemeter events tab and within the output produced by the cmDust utility. Both of these logs however are limited in the history of information they can provide.
This page contains instructions for enabling "Logging" in CodeMeter Control Centre. This is a useful feature that can be used to check and monitor licence allocation by CodeMeter over an extended period of time.
Please note that logging is compatible on computers with all forms of licensing.

Turn On Logging

  1. Open the CodeMeter Control Centre. This can be done via the icon on the taskbar:
    CodeMeter TaskBar.jpg

    Or via the start menu:
    CodeMeter ProgramFiles.jpg
  2. Go to "File" and check "Logging".
  3. Codemeter Enable Logging 01.png
  4. Restart CodeMeter.
  5. Codemeter Enable Logging 05.png
  6. By default, CodeMeter will create .log files in "C:\ProgramData\CodeMeter\Logs". A log file record all the license access history and where applicable communication between network and client servers. It also records error messages if an access is denied.
  7. Codemeter Enable Logging 02.png

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