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When the CodeMeter runtime kit is installed a diagnostics utility is also installed. This utility is called CmDust and instructions for creating a diagnostic file are provided below.


To create a CmDust diagnostics file please follow the following steps:

  • Run the cmDust utility, this can be accessed by either:
  • The start menu under the CodeMeter group

CM CMDust StartMenu.jpg

  • Typing cmDust into the search dialogue in the start menu

CM CMDust StartMenuSearch.jpg

  • When running the CmDust will open a console window for a few seconds which then close an output text file “CmDust-Result.log” will be created in the C:\Users\<username>\ folder. After running the cmDust utility should open a Windows explorer window in the C:\Users\<username>\ folder. If not, please open explorer and navigate to the directory.
  • Email the “CmDust-Result.log” file to support@tuflow.com. If you are having network issues, please create a CmDust file for both the client and server machines and rename the files so that they can be identified, e.g. “CmDust-Result_server.log” and "“CmDust-Result_client.log”