UltraEdit File Navigation

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Easily navigate between control and other text files by right clicking on the filename of the file you wish to open and selecting the top option which should be to Open the file you have right clicked on (see 1st image below). This option will only work if there are no spaces in the filename/filepath. If there are spaces in the name or filepath " " characters will be required (eg. Geometry 2D == "..\geo\FMA2 FV03.2dm").

This is a good way to check that files exist, to check a link to a file input, right click on the filename in UltraEdit, if the first option in the pop-up menu is Open then the reference is correct (1st Image). If this does not work it is usually due to an either the filename or filepath being incorrect (see the example in the 2nd image). If UltraEdit cannot find the file then TUFLOW FV won't!

UltraEdit Right Click File Navigation Working Correctly
UltraEdit Right Click File Navigation NOT Working (Incorrect Filename or Filepath)