UltraEdit Colour Coding

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This page describes the process for setting up TUFLOW FV control file colour coding. The method for enabling this has changed with UltraEdit versions. The method described below will only work for version 15 releases and onward. Download "TUFLOW.uew" file from the TUFLOW website, available at http://www.tuflow.com/FV%20Utilities.aspx. Save this file to the UltraEdit Wordfile Directory. The default directory varies depending on the version of UltraEdit and Username. To check where this directory is (or to change this directory) use the following menu item:

Advanced >> Configuration >> Editor Display >> Syntax Highlighting

Once the file has been added to the directory, you may need to restart UltraEdit to see the chances.
UE Syntax Highlighting uew.png

Once implement TUFLOW FV control files (fvc, fvm) should now be colour coded like the example below:
UE Example ColourCoding.png