SWAN GIS Model Folder Setup

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Model Folder Setup

This page develops our working project folders and is the first step of our SWAN GIS Tools step by step guide.

In the download package you will find a folder 'Moreton_Bay_Waves' and we will use this as the base folder (referred to below as /YOUR/MODEL/FOLDER/) for our analyses. Within the Moreton_Bay_Waves folder, to save you some time, we've pre-populated a series of sub-folders for you. Whilst the QGIS and DATA folders and subfolders within them are flexible and somewhat optional, we recommend you keep the sub-folders in the SWAN directory as they have been defined. They are the defaults used by the SWAN GIS Tools to output to and by using these sub-folder names you should avoid issues with the plugin. If the sub-folders are not present within the SWAN folder, they will be created automatically by the plugin when the model builder is run.


The various sub-folders are explained in the below table.

Sub-Folder Description
./DATA The raw data folder, where all of the raw input data is kept.
./DATA/BATHY Stores raw bathymetry input data.
./DATA/WIND Stores raw wind input data.
./DATA/WAVE Stores raw wave input data.
./SWAN The SWAN model folder, where all SWAN model files are kept.
./SWAN/01_geometry Stores SWAN model bottom grid input files.
./SWAN/02_bc_dbase Stores SWAN model wind grid input files and TPAR files.
./SWAN/03_simulation Stores SWAN model control files.
./SWAN/04_results Stores SWAN model result files.
./QGIS The GIS folder, it needs no specific organization but holds the QGIS project file and other miscellaneous GIS files.

Now that we have identified/setup our working folders we can move to Step 2: Getting Input Data.