Requesting a Licence

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TUFLOW (all versions, engines, etc) runs using a hardware lock, or dongle, which are from a provider called "Wibu". Its called the Wibu Codemeter Dongle.

To activate the licence on a specific computer with a specific Wibu dongle, a licence request needs to be created. This request is done by the user, with the dongle attached to the computer, using the steps shown below. This creates a file (the .WibuCmRaC file), which is then sent to From there, we update the licence file (to include a specific version, or trial, etc) and return it to you.

New User Steps:

  1. Email with your purchase request. We will post you a hardware lock (dongle).
  2. Install codemeter software.
  3. Create licence file using codemeter software (.WibuCmRaC file).
  4. Email file to We will update the file with licence information, activating the TUFLOW FV licence.

Existing users wishing to update an existing licence need only complete Steps 2 and 3.

Further detailed information is provided below. We hope this process is straightforward, if you have any problems or comments please contact

Installing Codemeter Software

Download the Codemeter install exe and run the appropriate exe on each computer wishing to access the dongle: . Once installed, a Codemeter icon Licencing 001.jpgshould appear in the system tray. The icon changes colour and appearance depending on the number of dongles attached to the computer.

  • For Local licences, double click on TUFLOW.exe to check that the licensing on the dongle is picked up.
  • For Network licences, the Codemeter will need to be setup as a service using the following steps:
  1. On the machine with the Network dongle attached, click on the Codemeter icon in the system tray to bring up the Codemeter Control Center dialog below.
  2. Licencing 002.png
  3. The dongle should appear under the License tab.
  4. Click WebAdmin (WebAdmin may also directly be accessed by right clicking on the Codemeter icon in the system tray). This will open your preferred internet browser and appear something like the below.
  5. Licencing 003.png
  6. Go to the Configuration tab (see below) and tick “Run Network Server”, then click Apply.
  7. Licencing 004.png
  8. The network dongle should now be accessible by other computers. Note, the above process only needs to be run on the computer with the network dongle attached.

Requesting a Licence /Updating a Licence

To request a change to your WIBU licence please contact Once the change/upgrade has been agreed upon, follow the steps below and email the update .WibuCmRaC file.

  1. Click on the Codemeter icon in the system tray to bring up the dialog below (make sure the dongle is plugged in). Your dongle should appear in the dialog below.
  2. Licencing 006.png
  3. Click on “License Update” to bring up the below.
  4. Licencing 007.png
  5. Click Next >, then select “Create License Request” in the below.
  6. Licencing 008.png
  7. Click Next > then select “Extend existing license” in the below.
  8. Licencing 009.png
  9. Click Next > and make sure BMT WBM (101139) is selected in the next dialog.
  10. Licencing 010.png
  11. Click Next > to bring up the below. Change if you wish to (and remember the location) of the filepath and click Commit.
  12. Licencing 011.png
  13. Email the .WibuCmRaC file to We’ll then email back another file for you that will update your dongle, enabling TUFLOW FV.