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This section is relevant for people with a Network TUFLOW licence. Please refer to Free DEMO Version New User Guide if you don't have a licence or Local Licence New User Guide if you have a Local licence.
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  1. Download the latest executable and manual from the TUFLOW website.
    Note: TUFLOW is a standalone console application. As such, it doesn't require installation to run.
  2. Plug your new Network licence dongle into your Network Host computer. Note: The Network Host does not need to be a server. It can be a standard computer connected to the Local Area Network of your company. If this is the case, make sure the Host computer remains on at all times and the computer is assigned a static IP address.
  3. Download and install the Licencing Dongle Drivers (CodeMeter RunTime Kit) on the Network Host computer: Installing Licensing Software
  4. If you have recently received a dongle from the TUFLOW sales team it should already have your licences coded to it. Double click the TUFLOW Executable (for example TUFLOWFV.exe) from the Network Host computer. A DOS window should open. Review the licence information listed. Check the licence types and numbers associated with your configuration (the licence types and numbers will be different to the example shown below).
    CM LAN licence check.jpg
    Note: TUFLOW licences are associated with the USB dongle. The Licence Update Request and Import steps listed above should only be required once annually to provide access to new major releases of the software (unless licence configuration changes are requested).
  5. Configure the Network Host so other (Client) computers can use its available licence: Configure Network Server
  6. Install Licencing Dongle Drivers (CodeMeter RunTime Kit) on all Client computers wishing to access licences from the Network Host.
  7. Configure Access to the Network licences on all Client computers.
  8. Double click the TUFLOW Executable (for example TUFLOWFV.exe) from the Client computer. A DOS window should open. Review the licence information listed (example shown above). Check the licence types and numbers.
  9. You are now ready to start TUFLOW modelling.
  10. Download the relevant TUFLOW Tutorial Dataset for your licence: TUFLOW FV Tutorial Models
  11. User documentation is available from the Tutorial Model section of the Wiki. Learn how to use TUFLOW by following the documentation and software user manual: TUFLOW FV Tutorial Documentation
  12. Run TUFLOW using the options listed in the Running TUFLOW section of the Wiki: TUFLOW FV Run Options
    • Other useful information is contained in the Wiki. In particular new users often find the Tips and Tricks section.
    • If you're interested in becoming a part of the TUFLOW User Community please join the TUFLOW LinkedIn User Group.
  13. Please email if you have any technical questions or if you would like to rent additional licences temporarily, purchase additional licences or add-on modules. Price information is available from the TUFLOW Website