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This section is relevant for people who are trialling TUFLOW without a licence. Please refer to the Local Licence User Guide or Network Licence New User Guide pages if you have a licence.
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  1. Download the latest TUFLOW executable from the TUFLOW website: TUFLOW FV Release Download. TUFLOW is a standalone console application. As such, it doesn't require installation to run.
  2. Download the TUFLOW FV Tutorial Dataset: Tutorial Model Download
  3. User documentation is available from the Tutorial Model section of this Wiki. Learn how to use TUFLOW by following the user documentation.
  4. Run TUFLOW using any of the options listed in the Running TUFLOW section of the Wiki.
  5. Other useful information is contained in the Wiki. In particular new users often find the Tips and Tricks section .
  6. If you're interested in becoming a part of the TUFLOW User Community please join the LinkedIn User Group.
  7. Please email if you have any technical questions or if you would like to purchase a licence. Price information is available from the TUFLOW Website