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This page contains instructions for enabling "Network License Monitoring" in CodeMeter Control Centre. These is a useful feature that can be used to check and monitor licence allocation by CodeMeter over an extended period of time.

Please note that License Tracking is only compatible with Network Licensing. i.e. for License Tracking to work you will need to have a valid TUFLOW Network License and Codemeter also needs to be Server configured.

To turn on license tracking you need to update a variable within the Windows Registry.

  1. To do so type "regedit" in windows search bar and start up Registry Editor:
  2. Codemeter Enable Logging 03.png
  3. Navigate to "Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WIBU-SYSTEMS\CodeMeter\Server\CurrentVersion". Double click the variable "LogLicenseTracking", or right click and "Modify". In the pop-up window, change the the Value data to "1"
  4. Codemeter Enable Logging 04.png
  5. Restart CodeMeter.
  6. Codemeter Enable Logging 05.png
  7. To view Licence Tracking, open CodeMeter "WebAdmin". Go to "License Monitoring" -> "License Tracking", select "Firm Code", "logging period" and "license" type. The number of used licenses will be shown as a bar graph. If any license request has been rejected during the selected period, they will be shown as red bars.
  8. Codemeter Enable Logging 06.png
  9. Click the bar to see the breakdown of the license usage.
  10. Codemeter Enable Logging 07.png
  11. More details are presented below the bar graph, including the lists of "Active User", "Rejected Requests" and "All Events".
  12. Codemeter Enable Logging 08.png

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