Boundary Condition Input Format

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Time (Isodate Format)

TUFLOW FV can be set up to run using isodate time format (date/hour/minute). This is useful when modelling historic calibration events. Tutorial Module 3 is an example model which uses this time format option:

The following command line syntax is required within the fvc file if isodate inputs are used:

Time Format == Isodate

When used, time commands and boundary condition inputs are required to be in the following format : dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm. For example:

Start Time == 01/01/2010 00:00
End Time   == 30/01/2010 20:00

Manual Format Update

Boundary condition inputs can be configured to this format within Excel by:

  • Highlighting the cells containing the time data
  • Right clicking the highlighted cells
  • Setting the format by selecting the format type below, listed under: Number > Custom

Excel 02.png

System Default Update

Alternatively, changing the default date settings on your computer can achieve the same result. Doing this avoids the need to to manually format the data each time an isodate format boundary condition file is created. The default date settings on your computer can be updated by:

  • Start > Control Panel > Region and Language Settings

Start.png Region settings.png

  • Updating the 'Formats', as shown below

Date format.png