WIBU Configure Network Client

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This page contains instructions for configuring a client computer to access a network TUFLOW licence. This requires that you have:


  1. Open the CodeMeter Control Centre. This can be done via the icon on the taskbar:
    CodeMeter TaskBar.jpg

    Or via the start menu:
    CodeMeter ProgramFiles.jpg
  2. Open the WebAdmin via the button in the lower right.
  3. Codemeter v6.40d control center.JPG
    The following CodeMeter webpage will appear.
    Codemeter v6.40d WebAdmin.JPG

  4. Navigate to the Configuration >> Basic >> Sever Search List tab and enter the server name or IP address in the Server Search list. Click Add to include the server IP to the list.

  5. Codemeter v6.40d Network Client add.JPG
    Click Apply to make the changes.

  6. The client machine should now be configured to access the network TUFLOW dongle. This can be checked by double clicking on a TUFLOW executable on the client machine.