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A number of utilities are available on the the TUFLOW website (Download TUFLOW FV utilities). Many of the utilities are either DOS executables and run without a graphical user interface, or Matlab tools (functions or executables). These utilities are described individually in the page links below.

DOS Utilities

  • RES to RES  : This utility performs a variety of operations on the TUFLOW FV 2D Dat outputs (e.g. calculate maximum envelope of timeseries results).
  • TUFLOW to GIS: This utility can be used to convert TUFLOW FV outputs (.dat) into formats that can be imported into GIS packages such as MapInfo, ArcGIS, QGIS and SAGA.
  • ASC to ASC  : This utility is a utility that can be used to perform a range of operations on gridded files (e.g. comparing TUFLOW outputs from simulations using different .2dm meshes, which can't be compared with the res_to_res.exe)

Matlab Utilities