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(Matlab Utilities)
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= Matlab Utilities =
= Matlab Utilities =
Please note, these Matlab scripts are provided “as is”. They may contain bugs, be application specific and will probably require some coding to meet your specific needs. If you require more information please contact support@tuflow.com.
* [[FV MATLAB Tools | Matlab Tools]]
* [[FV MATLAB Tools | Matlab Tools]]

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A number of utilities are available on the the TUFLOW website (Download TUFLOW FV utilities). Many of the utilities are either DOS executables and run without a graphical user interface, or Matlab tools (functions or executables). These utilities are described individually in the page links below.

DOS Utilities

  • RES to RES  : This utility performs a variety of operations on the TUFLOW FV 2D Dat outputs (e.g. calculate maximum envelope of timeseries results).
  • TUFLOW to GIS: This utility can be used to convert TUFLOW FV outputs (.dat) into formats that can be imported into GIS packages such as MapInfo, ArcGIS, QGIS and SAGA.
  • ASC to ASC  : This utility is a utility that can be used to perform a range of operations on gridded files (e.g. comparing TUFLOW outputs from simulations using different .2dm meshes, which can't be compared with the res_to_res.exe)

Matlab Utilities