TUFLOW FV SMS Mesh Performance

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Mesh performance can be reviewed by opening a timstep summary output file created by TUFLOW FV in SMS.

Open the external cfl timestep file (<simulation name>_ext_cfl_dt.csv) in SMS. The file is located in the TUFLOWFV\input\log\ directory:

Tute2 063.png

When prompted for a format to open the file, select “use import wizard”.

Tute2 064.png

In the file import options select “Delimited” and select comma as the delimiter.

Tute2 065.png

At the next prompt, turn off the triangulate data, and using the dropboxes, set the ctrd_x data to be mapped as X, the ctrd_Y to be mapped as Y and the dt_min (minimum timestep) to be mapped as Z. This is shown in the dialogue below:

Tute2 066.png

Select “Finish” to open the data. There will be a new scatter dataset created, in the display options set the points to be visible, and select “Use contour colour scheme”.

Tute2 067.png

In the contour options, set the contour range to highlight the cells with small timesteps:

Tute2 068.png

The timesteps should now appear as a series of points, as per the image below. This can be used to identify the cells that are limiting the timestep of the model. In this case the limiting cells are in the deep water around the bends in the model. To increase the speed of the model we would need to relax (coarsen) the mesh definition in these areas.

Tute2 069.png