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If the Write Check Files == command is included in the .fvc a series of check files will be output from TUFLOW FV. These are a series of GIS output files. The user is able to choose either MapInfo or Shapefile format using the GIS Format == command. Check files contain information on the data processed by TUFLOW FV, for example the _mesh_check_R file reproduces the mesh and assigns attributes to each cell such as material, cell ID, ZB and roughness.

Check Files

The table below contains the list of currently available check files.

Filename prefix / suffix Brief Description
_mesh_check_R.shp GIS layer of the final 2D or 3D mesh. Represents the final mesh including modifications from the .fvc file, such as ZB updates.

Please note reported ZB values do not include ZB modifications due to morphological changes when morphology is enabled. Model material, ZB, bed roughness and cell 2D and 3D ID are reported.

Shows the cell faces selected, the direction and ID of nodestrings. This includes both nodestrings assigned directly to the .2dm or by external nodestrings.
_bc_check_L.shp Provides the cell faces selected to input nodestring boundary information. Returns the nodestring ID and the input CSV data file assigned to that boundary.
_zln_zpt_check_P.shp GIS layer containing Zpts (ZB values at cell centroids) that have been modified by Read GIS Z Line == commands, the type of Z Line and the Z Line filename. This feature is very useful for checking which Zpts that the Z Lines have modified.
_sa_check_P.shp If using QC or other cell based input boundaries returns the cell centroid of each cell selected by the boundary.
_input_layers.mif GIS layer containing full filepaths to all input layers used to compile the model.

GIS Workspaces

If running TUFLOW FV with GIS integration a QGIS workspace and Mapinfo workspace will be output to the nominated log directory. These workspaces show all the input GIS files used when compiling the model and also group relevant check files. These workspaces provide a quick and easy method to review your model inputs and check files. An example of a QGIS workspace created by TUFLOW FV is provided below. The styles shown in QGIS have been assigned using the TUFLOW Viewer Plugin for QGIS. QGIS Workspace.PNG