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This GIS polyline layer contains the cell faces selected by nodestrings. This includes all nodestrings specified during the model setup. i.e. both direct *2dm and external nodestring specified. It also includes nodestrings that are assigned as boundaries and those for flux or mass outputs.

Attribute Name Attribute Description
NS_ID The integer ID of the nodestring

The image below shows the GIS nodestring input using the Read GIS Nodestring == command.
Nodesting Input.PNG

The output _ns_check file is shown below. It returns the nodestring ID and also snaps to the cell faces where the nodestring is active.
The final image shows a zoomed in version and highlights the directionality of the nodestring that can be easily reviewed via this checkfile.
Nodesting Check.PNG

Nodesting Check Zoom.PNG

You can follow this link to return the TUFLOW FV Check Files page.