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This page contains information on the attributes of the _mesh_check file. This GIS layer contains a region object for each active cell. There are a number of attributes output as noted in the table below.

Attribute Name Attribute Description
IDX2 The 2D cell ID.
IDX3 The 3D cell ID. If a 2D only model this will equal the IDX2 attribute.
CTRDX The x coordinate of each cell centroid.
CTRDX The y coordinate of each cell centroid
Mat The material ID.
ZB The cell centroid bed elevation at each cell.
BRough The bed roughness value, either a Manning's 'n' value of roughness height depending on the specification of the bottom drag model ==

This file is very useful to apply a style or thematic map to and allows an easy way to visualise the final properties for large models.

The mesh check file styled by the ZB is below.
Mesh check ZB.png

The mesh check file shaded by Material ID is below.
Mesh check Mat.png

You can follow this link to return the TUFLOW FV Check Files page.