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The GIS Mesher GUI can run TUFLOW FV models for free (no license or registration required).

The Run TUFLOW FV Tab includes the following features:

  • Create a queue of simulations to run
  • Specify whether to run simulations on CPU, GPU, or next available. The fvc file will be modified to run on GPU/CPU as needed.
  • Setup configurations that allow you to mix number of threads for CPU (for example 2 simulation using 12 threads, and 1 simulation using 8 threads to use all available licenses)
  • Modify simulations in queue using right-click (change order, delete, kill, relaunch failed simulations)
  • Select a simulation to view text output

GisMesher Fv RunTab.png

Download (select the beta version for runner capability)

Send an email to if you run into any issues.

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